License Plate Recognition Camera

The carpark entry and exit system operates with 2 license plate recognition (LPR) cameras. Each Leaseholder can have 2 license plates for each Lease. The camera will recognise the number plate on entry and raise the barrier arm. The system will then register that the Leaseholder’s car is in the carpark. The LPR system has “anti-pass-back” technology, which dictates that the next action by the Leaseholder’s car must be to exit the carpark. Ie the Leaseholder can not have their second car enter the carpark whilst the first car is still in the Carpark.

Car-Park Operating Hours.

The Carpark is able to be used by Leaseholders on a 24/7 basis. For security purposes the roller security screen at the bottom of the ramp, and the staircase doors are closed from 12 midnight to 5.30am.

White Plastic Access Card

Each permanent Leaseholder will be issued with a white plastic access card. This card can be used to access the building when the security doors are closed. This access card can also be used if the LPR system does not recognise the 2 registered license plates, or if the Leaseholder is using a different car for the day. Please note that the LPR system will recognise that the Leaseholder’s car is in the building, and the next Leaseholder action must be for the car they entered in, to leave the carpark. Leaseholders will initially be provided their Access Card at ICL’s cost, however those Leaseholders who lose their card will be required to pay a $30 replacement fee.

Permanent & Anytime Leaseholders

The Permanent Leaseholders are part of their Company’s Long Term Lease of the carpark and have full 24/7 access to the building. The Anytime Leaseholders have a Contract with ICL. Either the Leaseholder or ICL must provide the other party 3 months notice if they want to terminate the Lease arrangement, or if ICL intends to change the rental payment amount. If a Leaseholder leaves the employment for their Innovation Precinct employer, ICL will allow rental payments to cease on the last verified date of their employment. Anytime Leaseholders will have full 24/7 access.

CCTV / Security Cameras

The building has a number of CCTV / Security Cameras. The video footage will be saved on a Computer back up system. If any Leaseholder has any security concerns, please email Similarly if any Leaseholder or member of the Public causes damage and this can be verified, the persons creating the damage will be required to pay for its repair.