Question 1: Street parking and parking on empty sites

In early 2016 in Central Christchurch, it may appear that there is plenty of street and off-street parking available at $1/hr or circa $5/day, will this change and how?

People need to be aware that the circumstances which create this will change very quickly:

  1. SD4 have started construction of a 3 level office and retail / hospitality building at 150 Lichfield St immediately adjacent to the Innovation Carpark Ltd (ICL) Carpark. When completed in May 2017, this building will require 70-80 long term leased carparks, which will be allocated on a priority basis (similar to the long term leased Vodafone and Kathmandu carparks).
  2. Fletcher Living will build 1,200 houses / apartments in the East Frame, which is the large empty site directly north of the Carpark. (a) Fletcher’s deal with CERA is that all 1,200 residences must be completed within a 10 year period, with certain numbers of residences required to be progressively completed. (b) Stage 1 of Fletcher Residential’s work is the Lichfield Quarter, the land on Lichfield St, which they have stated will start construction on in October 2016. i.e. All of the at grade carparking currently available just north of Lichfield St will disappear before the end of 2016.
  3. The builders and sub-trades involved in Fletcher Residential’s East Frame and the 150 Lichfield St building generally start between 6.00 and 7.30am. Across NZ, builders and sub-trades working on building sites generally swallow up all the available free or cheap parking within 400-600m of their site before 7.30am.
  4. Within the Innovation Precinct, there are only 2 sites that will have car parking, 160 Lichfield St will have 359 carparks, and behind the Wynyard Group (WG) building, there are approximately 90 carparks (see attached Plan). The 90 carparks on the WG site are not enough for their occupants, and ICL are fielding queries from various tenants on St Asaph St at present, directly alongside WG who want to lease carparks long term from ICL.
  5. The sites west of Poplar Lane / Dux Central are either too small for site car parking, or with the tram lines along Poplar Lane and High St, can not have street access for car parking. All of these sites, through to Manchester St, have stated they would rely on ICL for their car parking.
  6. Fletcher Living have shown interest in potentially leasing carparks off ICL, for the apartment building directly north of the ICL Carpark.
  7. Fletcher Living will use some of the 200 carparks in the carpark building to the west of the IRD building. Fletcher’s deal with CERA does not involve the 14,000 m2 IRD building. When a use is eventually found for the IRD building, they will have very few carparks, and will no doubt call on ICL for carparks.
  8. The total medium to long term demand for ICL’s carparks is likely to be 600-700 carparks, yet ICL only have 359 available. 
  9. Carpark buildings providing casual parking are difficult to develop / fund, as Banks do not like lending on carparks without long term guaranteed Leases.
  10. Occupiers that show loyalty to ICL, will receive loyalty (and guaranteed long term carpark tenure) in return. ICL will favour occupier’s who sign longer leases, and in terms of priority will favour those who signed up earliest, so sign up now!

Question 2: Lease Options

Why are there different price and lease options?

In the short term (i.e. during 2016), people may be able to get low priced street or empty site parking, but this will quickly change (see Question and Answer 1, above). There will likely be a shortage of car-parking in Christchurch in coming years. 

Car parkers who show loyalty to ICL in the medium – longer term (by signing longer term Lease agreements), will receive loyalty from ICL in return, with guaranteed tenure.

The following categories are available, with a brief description:

  1. Anytime; Anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 3 months notice to terminate from either party. A lower initial rental rate, however these lessees run the risk that when long term demand increases, ICL will show loyalty to longer term tenants.
  2. Long Term Lease; Anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A 999 Year Lease that provides permanent parking to the property owner / tenant, registered against the Title of the property. ICL will manage a 'trading' system that enables a property owner to increase or decrease its number of long term leased carparks over time, with other property owners.

ICL reserve the right to change the pricing for ‘Anytime’ based on future demand, by giving 3 months notice to do so to Leaseholders. The Price of ‘Anytime’ is likely to increase in time.

Rent reviews for Long Term Leases are as per the lease documentation.

Question 3: Pricing

How did ICL come up with the Carpark pricing?

ICL has completed research on the carpark rates charged in new buildings in Christchurch. These are shown on a Map here. The rate for covered car parking in new buildings in the Chch City Centre and fringe is currently $65–75 / week. This rate is related to the cost of Christchurch City Centre land and carpark build costs that meet the latest Building Codes. 

Question 4: Carpark Operations

How will the ICL Carpark be operated and what technology will be used?

ICL have appointed Smart Parking Ltd and Automated Systems Ltd who will run a Scheidt & Bachmann Parking System and a Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) system as shown on their website

The ICL website will allow each carpark tenant to enter two licence plate numbers for each allocated staff members (e.g. the staff member and their partners car license plate) and the carpark’s LPR will recognize these and allow entry and exit from the carpark, by raising the barrier arm as the LPR recognizes each number plate. Note only one car entry allowed at any one time for each carpark leased by a tenant (i.e. when the tenant’s car is in the Carpark, the other approved licence plate car will not be allowed entry).

The ICL carpark operations will also allow tenants to use their Leased carparks as Visitors Carparks. There is a facility whereby the visitors license plate details can be provided and the visitor will be provided LPR entry into the Carpark

Question 5: Public Short Term Parking

Will there be public short term parking available, and how will this operate?

  • ICL will make available public short term parking, for visitors of Innovation Precinct tenants, and the hospitality facilities within the Precinct. 
  • ICL will, subject to the carpark rules, ensure there is sufficient parking available for its permanent Lessee tenants.

The rates for public short term parking will be as shown on the Tariff Board on entry to the carpark. The initial short term rate is $3.00 for the first hour (or part thereof), and $1.50 per 30 minute period thereafter. A maximum rate of $14.00 per day applies. ICL reserves the right to change short term parking rates as supply and demand changes.

Question 6: Carpark Hours.

What hours will the ICL Carpark operate?

Casual Users:

  • Entry into the Carpark: 5am to 11.30pm.
  • Exit from the Carpark: 5am to 12 midnight, although exit between midnight and 5am is available with a payment to an after hours security guard

There will be a security grill on the car entry ramps that closes from midnight to 5am. Access to the pedestrian entry lobbies will also be security restricted from midnight to 5am.

Long Term and Anytime Lease tenants will have access to the carpark 24 hours a day, into the pedestrian lobby entries and have the ability to open the security roller grill on the entry / exit ramp.

Question 7: Motorbike and Bike Parking.

Is there Motorbike and Bike Parking and what are the prices, terms etc?

Motorbike and Bike Parking is available. The following categories and pricing rates apply:

  1. Anytime; Anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 3 months notice to terminate from either party


Question 8: Change of Registration Details

How do I change my Registration details?

There is now a section in the website within the Personal area which allows registered users to change all of their information, car registration details, add or change car details, change bank details, credit card numbers etc.